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Digital Preservation - Edorium Journals

This archive is dedicated to preserving the digital content of all journals published by Edorium Journals group, like journal websites, published manuscripts, images, videos and other published material; and perpetually keeping it accessible to the public, free of charge, without any restrictions. The journals published by Edorium Journals are in electronic format. The manuscripts and journals are published online without any print edition.

What happens to published manuscripts if a journal stops publishing?

With your support, we will continue to publish all our journals for a very long time. If due to some rare, unfortunate circumstances we are forced to stop publishing a journal, the manuscripts published in that journal will be perpetually kept online and accessible to the readers.


After the journal stops publishing, the journal domain, the website and all the content will be kept in their original form for a period of 10 years. After 10 years the content will be moved to another archive — Edorium Journals Archive — where it will be kept online and publicly accessible. This archive has been created by Edorium Journals to preserve all the digital content (especially published manuscripts) perpetually.

Digital Preservation Organizations

Portico is a digital preservation service provided by ITHAKA. ITHAKA is a not-for-profit organization. Portico works with publishers and libraries to preserve content of e-journals through their E-Journal Preservation Service. Portico was created in 2002 to build a sustainable digital archive to serve the academic community and to enable publishers and libraries to feel secure thet their content will be preserved for scholars.Today, Portico is among the leading digital preservation services in the world.

Our policy for digital content preservation will be reviewed and adapted to available technologies at regular intervals.

This archive will not have any content except this introduction page till the time this archive is used for content preservation.

Page updated: June 19, 2015.

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